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Longsleeve Holler at the Beach Mop

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REGULAR ADULT SIZES. Comfortable, light, 100% soft cotton, unisex long sleeve shirt. Runs true to size.

"Holler at the Beach Mop" you hear, sitting on a log at dinner circle. "Baybay" you respond in unison with your fellow campers that are all gathered on the logs with you, waiting for the lake announcements and ultimately dinner. 
"Holler at the Beach Mop" is a call and response for which the response is an exaggerated, higher pitched "Baby". This is just one example of a Camp-Ism, a phrase or a call that all us Winnarainbowians know the meaning of that signifies something specific to Camp! "Holler at the Beach Mop" is what we say at dinner circle to beckon the "Beach Mop", the counselor that takes track of the campers that go and swim in the lake, into the center of the circle. The Beach Mop then traditionally performs a rap or a song about the time they had at the lake and lists off all the campers that achieved a goal that day. The Beach Mop is usually a different counselor each day!